Our Specializations

This is what we can do for you company...

We offer a broad specializations/services portfolio to enable the Digital and Agile Transformation of your company.

Our operation is very extensive, from strategy and planning to execution and governance, always using the same agile and collaborative delivery approach. We have an initial and super fast planning step (up to 2 Sprints) and then we start the continuous and progressive Sprint cycles, for fast results, risk mitigation and continuous maturity gain.

Mooven has many frameworks (plug-and-play) ready to accelerate the digital transformation and agility adoption in your company.

We know our customers cannot waste time and money – so we always promote fast and continuous deliveries, since our services activation. We also connect our working scope to the goals of your business, so you will have no doubts about the delivered benefits and the value generated by our work.

Mooven Strategy & Change

We guide, prioritize, plan and support the execution of strategic initiatives and transformations that will really impact your business, searching for investmenst assertiveness and quick return – including organizational change management actions.

  Digital Strategy / IT
  Change Management
  Skills Assessment
  Data Driven – Analytics

Roles: Strategy and Transformation Consultant, Organizational Change Management Consultant (GMO).

Mooven Agile Transformation

We bring your business operation to a new level of efficiency, agility, quality and value delivery. We have the knowledge, the strategy and the model ready to accelerate the Agile Business Change. Since the first Sprint, your company starts to notice the benefits of transformation.

  Agile Business Transformation
  Agile Portfolio Management
  Agile Governance
 Organizational Evaluation for Agility
  Process Evaluation for Agility

Roles: Agile Coach Enterprise, Agile Coach, Agile Master, Product Owner, DevOps Architect, GMO Consultant.

Mooven Design Studio

We design and conduct improvement initiatives for interactions in digital products and services, aiming to deliver a more efficient experience that enhances business results. We combine collaborative UX practices, Design Thinking and agility in a structured work model, providing a complete set of skills to take Digital Design to our customers.

  Inception/ Design Sprint
  Lean Kaizen
  Product Design
  UI/UX Design
  Graphic Design

Roles: Digital Product/Service Designer, UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher, UX Writer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator.

Mooven Digital Solutions

We model, plan, develop and deliver digital solutions at the end of each Sprint/Release, based on the Squad Mooven creation, with dedicated multidisciplinary teams available that have all the necessary skills for the agile delivery of planned results. We also support planning and operation of Digital Marketing actions, when necessary, to ensure the promotion and correct offer of your digital products and services.

 Digital solutions development: Web, Mobile, Analytics, Cognitive, IoT
  Digital Marketing

Roles: Agile Master, Product Owner, Solutions Architect, Designer, Developer, QA, Digital Marketing.

Mooven School

We promote special content for corporate training in Agility and Digital themes, as result of years of practical experience of our specialists and leaders team. We plan and execute online or in-class training sessions, offering information and dynamics that encourage maximum student interaction and rapid knowledge learning.

Training content:
  Digital Mindset
  Agile Mindset
  Agile Master Training
  Product Owner Training
  Agile Governance Training
  Agile Portfolio Management
  Design Thinking
  Digital Products Design
  Management 3.0